SEO: It Only Works if You Do

Does SEO really work? Unlike many other SEOs in this incredibly confusing industry, I am not going to attempt to sell you services. I will simply tell the truth.

Yes, it works. SEO, when carried out and maintained properly, indeed does work. But I can’t tell you how many clients simply want to “just be on the first page”. Is this a viable goal? Of course. But any business seeking SEO in order to get more clients or sales must ask themselves a vital question: Can my business deliver what it claims?

If the honest answer is no, turn around and reevaluate before you spend money on something you know very little about. SEO is complicated, time consuming and hard to explain. It works, but only if you hold up your end of the work by running a solid business.

First page domination is great (and yes, I do know from experience) — but if you’re a small business owner who’s running a disorganized operation with terrible customer service, shaky products or a weak message, SEO does nothing for you. All you’ll get is a whole lot more pissed off customers — and if your SEO does a good job, the entire world will know all about it.

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