On Developing Your Own Writing Voice


How Can Writers Develop Their Own Voice? 

For me, it comes down to writing about things that you’ve experienced yourself, or seen others experience. Of course you can change the details (I would recommend doing so) — but personally, I find it hard to write a story without having some form of real life inspiration that moves my words onto the page.

I suppose in my own writing, the voice is simply mine. That’s a blessing and a curse. There are so many moments from my past and present life that serve as the perfect jump-off point for a great story. There are very few of them I want to publish with my name attached.

To remedy that, I write stories from what I know with small details changed. Sometimes as I move along, I find I can combine many short stories written from real life into one larger story, which is a very cool practice for any writer.

Perhaps that’s a good place for you to start developing your own voice — what are the landmark moments from your own life? What people do you know that inspire you? Who do you know that has a great story? What are the greatest factors in your own life story? Those moments can morph into your plot, those people can be your perfect characters, and your own personal touch will make the words in your story your voice.

Some words for inspiration:

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