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I'm a graduate of Iona College with a BA in Mass Communications (Journalism) and a minor in Fine Arts (Dance). I'm a digital media enthusiast with a passion for writing and editing, graphic design, photography, and performing arts. My professional experience includes writing & editing copy for products, media campaigns, social media content, blogs, e-newsletters and web content. I'm also experienced in graphic design - I've designed everything from print ads to menus to coupons and email campaigns, combining my design with clear and clever copy to create the perfect finished product.

In the past, I've managed social media accounts and web content for Lasio Inc, a line of Keratin hair products, and 1-800 NY BULBS, an upscale lighting design company. I've also been a freelancer for the national news website, Patch.com.

Additionally, I worked with InVite Health, Inc. as a Copywriter, Editor, and Assistant Graphic Designer. I wrote and edited all web content and blog posts, wrote radio spots, managed social media, edited articles for FDA compliance, assisted with SEO, created graphics for social media, designed print and website promos, created label designs and more.

Directly following my time at InVite, I began freelance writing, design and web development for a growing number of individual brands. Major clients include Amazon Sellers Lawyer, Millie Says Inc., the Hannah Kroner Legacy Foundation, and New Flower Center for Naturopathic Medicine. I am currently the Director of Content of Digital Checkmate Inc., as well as a content writer for the Amazon seller consulting firm Seller Strategies International.




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Why Do You Write?

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